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Prior to bidding for any cars, we require you to read through the following Terms & Conditions. By clicking on the ""I Agree"" button you agree to all our Terms & Conditions.

Sales Agreement Disclaimer

From here onwards, the terms "The Vendor" refers to "Japan Cars" and 'The Buyer" refers to "The Customer".


1) The Buyer will duly fill out the necessary details in the Registration and Bid Form.


2) The Buyer allow a margin of JPY 10,000 above their bid price so as to take into consideration the nature of the electronic auction system.

3) In the event The Buyer wishes to cancel their bid prior to The Vendor entering the bid online at the auction site,

The Buyer will be charged a fee of JPY 10,000.


4) In the event The Buyer wishes to cancel their purchase after a successful bid is done, The Buyer will be charged a fee of JPY 100,000. However The Buyer must inform The Vendor of this within 2 hours of the successful auction purchase time. The vehicle will be re-sold at the auction, all costs to be borne by The Buyer.


5) In the event of a bid entered but not successful, a fee of JPY 1,000 will be charged to the Buyer.


6) In the event of vehicles put up for auction but not sold, Japan Cars may negotiate on behalf of the buyer. A fee of JPY 2,000 is charged if the negotiation is UNSUCCESSFUL. If the negotiation is SUCCESSFUL, a fee of JPY 10,000 is charged to the buyer.


7) A deposit value equivalent to :(i)30% of the value of the bid price must be deposited(for cars above JPY200,000) (ii) JPY60,000 (for cars priced below JPY199,999) before The Vendor agrees to place any bids at the auction. The Desposit payment method is via PAYPAL. This Deposit will also be a means of which The Vendor has the right to deduct all auction fees as mentioned in Items (3), (4), (5) and (6).


8) In situations whereby The Buyer wishes to take back the Deposit, The Vendor will refund the balance Deposit after minusing all bank charges and auction fees (in cases of unsuccessful bids)


9) After a successful auction, upon issuance of the Commercial Invoice, The Buyer must settle the Balance Payment within 7 days from the date of the invoice. Otherwise, The Vendor has the right, without prior consent from The Buyer, to re-sell the vehicle at the auction house. No refund of the deposit placed will be entertained.


10) The Vendor has the right, with only the best intentions at heart, to not proceed with any bids as requested by The Buyer.


11) Cancellations without any fees or charges are only allowed should there be a mistake or negligence on the part of the auction house or The Vendor. Otherwise, all costs shall be borne by The Buyer as stated in the Agreement.


12) Vehicles purchased from auction houses in Japan have certain claims exemptions. Please click here for the exemption list.


13) The Vendor will assist The Buyer to lodge any claims on serious problems or defects in a vehicle provided The Vendor deems it to be a viable claim.


14) Should the problem or defect be one that is hard to detect, The Vendor shall not be held responsible or liable for any damages which may arise.


15) The Vendor shall not be liable for any problems or defects which were not detected during the after purchase inspection but which became apparent after arrival at the destination. But if it can be proven that the damages occurred during the transit period from Japan to destination, The Vendor can assist The Buyer in negotiating with the transport company regarding any compensation possibility.


16) The Buyer is fully responsible for the Import Rules & Regulations of the country of destination of the vehicle. The Vendor will not be liable for any of the purchased vehciles that do not comply with these Rules & Regulations.


17) In the case whereby any disputes arise concerning any matters not provided above, The Vendor and The Buyer will both in good faith and business relationship settle the matter by mutual consultation between both parties.


18) In the event the dispute cannot be solved amicably between The Vendor & The Buyer, the disputes shall be settled in accordance to the legislations of Japan. Both parties agree that Japan will be the primary and main court of law before which all disputes are to be presented.